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Located in the Akron-Cleveland area, Hot Shot's Racing provides engineering, data acquisition, rentals  and car prep services for Formula Continental, Formula Ford, and F500 race cars. Depending on schedules, we can also provide other professional race car services.

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Arrive & Drive Programs

These programs require a valid SCCA license and a crash deposit.  We provide race car preparation, transportation, pit crew, driving instructor, and optionally data acquisition services for the driver for the entire race weekend. Choose from one of our rental programs or optionally have us prepare your race car.

Formula Continental Rentals

2000 Cabir with Data Acquisition

    $9000 per normal 2 day weekend

Formula 500 Rentals

1995 Mark IX

    $1200 per normal 2 day weekend


Race Car Prep Services

 Let our professional race team prepare and maintain your racer. Services include but are not limited to complete chassis overhauls, setup, engine and transmission maintenance, conversions and others.  

Data Acquisition Services

Our arrive & drive programs provide data acquisition services and analysis or optionally have our engineers review data supplied by you.  Proper sensor calibration, basic car information including tire circumference, gear ratio's, and ride height are required  to provide accurate analysis.

Specialty Parts Services

Our machine shop service can provide solutions to many special parts problems. We make custom throttle and sway bar control cables in addition to manufacturing components superior to OEM parts.